Building Process


Kinzler Builders strive to make the building process enjoyable for each client. We like to keep you, the customer, as involved in the building process as you would like to be. Every house is built with custom features that will make your home unique. From the design phase to the final finish you will experience the joys of creating a house that will soon become your home. With our expertise we will guide you in finding the people, material and products that will best fit your families lifestyle. It is important to us not only to build your home but also to a build lasting relationship in the process. Building relationships with our customers is of utmost importance here at Kinzler Builders. We don't believe once your home is complete our relationships or our friendship should dissolve.

Just one of the ways that Kinzler Builders separates itself from many other builders is building ENERGY STAR® Rated homes. We are proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR label. In Idaho, ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are 30% more energy-efficient than homes built to the state energy code. Our ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are independently verified by a third party to ensure they meet ENERGY STAR energy efficiency guidelines. These homes are better for the environment and better for you. Once you know what is involved in an ENERGY STAR Home, we believe you won't want to settle for anything less.

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Being a wood craftsman himself and surrounding himself with top quality contractors Chip Kinzler simply provides you with the best. With Integrity, Quality Craftsmanship, and Excellent Customer Service Kinzler Builders would love the opportunity to talk with you about building your dream home.